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TENANT Rental Requirements

All applicants over 18 years of age are required to complete a rental application. This application shall be provided upon request and to be submitted thru; a user/mobile friendly processed to secure your information. Perspective tenants are required to complete the online application ($20 fee to third party).

This report will include:

  • general information

  • full credit history report

  • criminal background

  • proof of income 

GENERAL INFORMATION: Standard information such as residence history, employment income & misc questions. 

FULL CREDIT HISTORY REPORT: Tenant approvals do not solely rest on a perspective tenant's credit score. Many people may have found themselves in financial trouble at some point ; medical bill, student loans, divorce- Life Happens. A detailed credit report can identify if and when a problem may have occured and outline the current monthly obligations. A secure comprehensive credit report and score for each applicant detailing payment history, tradelines, collections and monthly obligations- without damage to score!  

CRIMINAL BACKGROUND REPORT: Criminal background report completed thru national and state databases, as well as most wanted lists & sex offender registries. 

PROOF OF INCOME: paystubs, bank statements, w2, any financial support required to confirm the ability to pay. 

I can only advise my Landlord Client of my professional opinion - the final decision does not rest with the agency.

Fee for Service

TENANTS: must be prepared to come out of pocket with three months of the rent amount.

These fees include:

  • First month's rent

  • Security

  • Broker fee

All fees must be paid in full prior to receiving keys-no exceptions.

Security is deposited for the Landlords protection-any damage done to the apartment will be deducted from this security. When the tenant has vacated the apartment- both landlord and tenant will preform a complete inspection. Deposit should then be released within 10 business days.

Landlord Requirements: 

There is no fee due by landlord for the rental of a residential property.

All rentals must be in clean and in legal standing with townships. (see below for guidance on obtaining rental permit)


Q. What is a rental permit?
A. A rental permit allows a home to be legally occupied by persons other than the owner. This applies to all occupants, including family members who do not pay rent.

Buildings with rental units can be a single family dwelling with only one kitchen.

If the home is a legal two family by way of certificate of occupancy, both units may be rented and neither would be required to be owner occupied, but still requires a rental permit.

Q. When would I need a rental permit?
A. Anytime someone other than the owner of a home is the primary resident, a rental permit is needed. This is done to ensure that all homes are safe for others to live in and that the premises have complied with all applicable code requirements.

Q. What is the rental permitting process?
A. To apply for a rental permit, you must fill out an application and file it with the Building Department.

The following additional items will be required when you submit your application:

  • A Deed or duplicate Certificate of Title

  • Detailed Floor Plans drawn at 1/4" to 1' scale

  • A Survey

  • Certificate of Occupancy

  • Identification and Tax bill

  • Building Permit Application (if you intend to make changes);

  • Fee ($200 for first unit and $50.00 for each additional unit).

An inspection date will be scheduled for a Building Inspector to inspect the apartment in your residence. In some cases a Town of Babylon Licensed Engineer report may be submitted to certify that the premises comply with all required codes.

For more detailed information on these requirements, please call the Rental Department at (631) 957- 4334.

Q. What are the rental permit requirements?
A. The permit requirements for rental units that applicants should be aware of include:

  • Smoke detectors must be placed in each bedroom, each hallway leading to a bedroom and at least one on each level of the house

  • Hardwired carbon dioxide detectors must be on each level of the building

  • Railings for all outside stoops in excess of 18" high

  • Handrails for stairwells

  • Fire-rated sheet rock for boiler areas

  • Improved driveways

  • No unregistered motor vehicles are alllowed on the property

  • Property must be in good and well maintained condition

  • Storm windows on property

  • No basement bedrooms

  • Electric outlets can not be exposed

  • Tiles and grouting in bathrooms must be in good condition

  • All units must have proper heat and hot water

  • All Building permits and Certificates of Occupancy must be in place and up to date and building markers must be plainly legible.

*It is imperative to legalize your apartment to advoid town issued penalities and improper liabilty. 

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